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I love Anime and Manga, I am a cosplayer and i love to draw :) my dream is to create my own manga series some day  am a big fan of Karneval, Pandora Hearts and Fushigi Yugi .

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Jupiter Power, make up!

In the name of Mars, I will chastise you!

Doctor: “ah doll here is snake”

Joker: “what happened with Mio? Do you know why she doesn’t talk?”

Doll: “hey snake~” *smiles*

Chelsea: (explains it all to joker) “so she doesn’t really talk anymore”

Joker:” I see. That’s a horrible thing for her father to do…”

Snake: “doctor my manhood felt weird earlier when I saw a girl I liked”

 Joker: “I’m glad she escaped when she did… I can see why she looks nervous around the boys… I’ll tell beast to keep an eye on her”

Doll: *blinks, then blushes* “w-what!”

Chelsea; “yeah she’ll get used to you all eventually. Am happy I got to meet you Joker you’re so nice to me” (blushes)

Doctor: “ah yes that means you want to have babies with the young girl” (goes into detail)

Joker: “I’m like that with everyone” *smiles*

Doll: *runs off*

Chelsea: “everyone must love you then… I know I do…”

Joker: *smiles* “not everyone, but hey, smile okay? *smiles*you two are gonna be a part of our family!”

Doctor: “so there you go it’s perfectly normal just don’t do anything till you know them better and think before doing anything like that”

Doll: *bumps into dagger*

Snake nods and walks off so the doctor can continue his lunch

Dagger: “doll”

Chelsea: “yes, thank you for taking us in I just know me and Mio are going to love it here”

Doll: “doctor… snake… talking… about… that..”

Joker: *smiles* “I need to go talk to beast okay” *smiles*

Chelsea:”ok I’ll see you later ok”

Dagger: “he wahhhh”

Joker goes close to where Beast is

Joker: “ Beast!

Dolls face is completely red.

Beast: “ah yeas Joker”

Beast: “I want to tell you something  but you go first”

Joker: tells her everything Chelsea told him.

Beast:” I see did she say anything else”

Joker: “nope”

Beast: “listen Joker before it’s too late I need to tell you something”

Beast: “am in love with you”

Joker:” …I see…”

Beast:” is that it. How do you feel about me? Or is there another”

Joker: “…I’m sorry beast. I can only love you like a sister”

Beast: “I see so there is another girl”

Joker: “no… i cant love anyone… not yet anyways”

Beast: “I should of known you’d see me as a sister”

Joker: *hugs her* “Beast… I couldn’t ever date you… because I would fear hurting you. And I love you as a sibling… if I ever go into a relationship with anyone though, I hope you’ll support me, because I’ll support whoever you date, and if they break your heart, I’ll kill them”

Beast:” I see, ok I’ll be happy for whoever you see then, but they better not hurt you”

 Joker: *hugs her* “beast…”

Beast:” we should go to bed before it gets to late we have those new people coming tomorrow “

Beast is just about to walk off for bed

Joker: “wait…I want to ask you a favour”

Beast: “eh sure Joker”

Joker: “can you take care of Mio? Make sure she feels comfortable?”

Beast: “yeah what about that other girl”

Joker: “I’ll ask doll to take care of her *smiles* until you’re comfortable with her”

Beast: “ok, but you do know she’s got a crush on you right the signs are all there I just hope she gets better”

Joker: *hugs Beast* “until everyone else is happy, I won’t start dating anyone.”*smiles*

Beast: “well it seems too soon anyways look at snake who’s possibly rushing into a relationship with that new girl now”

Joker: *chuckles* “and we won’t let them until they feel better”

Beast: “yeah well am off night Joker and you know am happy when you’re happy ok, date whoever you want” (walks off to her tent)

Joker: *smiles a little*

Mio sleeping on the floor, as she doesn’t want to intrude on beasts bed

Chelsea sits up and covers up after realising she had no clothes on the doctor must of taken them off to safe her illness getting any more worse.

Joker: *wasn’t looking anyways*

Ciel: “yeah you can swim here again later we have a whole day here then”

Sebastian hands Ngu her clothing

Ngu gets dressed when her mermaid tail turns into legs.

Ngu: ”promise?”

Chelsea: “I didn’t realize my clothes are gone (well covered) did someone take them off me with them being damp I wonder (sneezes) hey Joker will you stay with me for awhile”

Ciel: ”yes I promise”

Joker: “I have to nip off to get you something better to wear. *smiles* but I’ll stay till the doctor returns”

Ngu: *hugs him, happy*

Chelsea: “thank you (blushing) so you used to live on the streets too”

Joker: “yes. *smiles* I’ll tell you more when I’m back”

Joker goes to get Chelsea clothing.

Mio: … *shows Beast her scar*

Dagger: “Joker Snakes in love”

Beast: “how did you get this scar you poor dear?”

Joker: “oh? *smiles* well then~ I’m super happy for him!”

Mio: *looks down*

Mio: “f…”

Dagger: “also Beast is feeling jealous about Chelsea I thought I’d warn you”

Beast:” f. did you get it in a fire”

Joker: “she shouldn’t… “*blinks*

Dagger:”I know it’s weird besides I’ll make her my Girlfriend one day”

Joker: *blinks*

Dagger: “wait Joker do you know about love”

Joker: “nope”

Mio: … *hugs Beast*

Dagger: “what….  it’s where you get butterflies in your stomach when around someone and want to be near them a lot”

Joker:”I see”

Dagger: “Beast, she’s jealous in case you fall for that girl we saved, it’s silly I know”

Joker: “well, I haven’t fallen in love with any single girl yet, so don’t worry~”

Dagger:” I’ll tell beast that, am heading off to my tent for the night”

Joker: “good night~”

Joker gets Chelsea some clothing, and goes up to snake.

Joker: “ I heard you’re in love Snake~”

Snake:” yeah when I saw her I felt my heart was going to jump out my chest she is sooo pretty”

Joker: *smiles* “was it the girl who was with the tall guy with black hair in all black?”

Chelsea sits on the side of the bed covered up still

Snake: “yeah that’s her she’s a mermaid, I want to kiss her when I see her again”

Joker: *blinks* “well…”

Joker: *smiles* “I’ll let her join, and we’ll make her act a special act”

Snake: “and my manhood felt funny when I saw her naked, Oh really that will make me happy”

Joker: “w-well I’m not the best person to ask that stuff about! “*runs off*

Snake:” hm I wonder why my thing felt weird” (goes to look for the doctor)

Joker: *hands her the clothing* “if you need some help getting changed, I’ll ask Doll to help”

Chelsea:” I should be fine thank you “

Chelsea kisses Jokers cheek to thank him and goes to change behind a curtain and comes out in a dress pink circus dress. Joker sits and tells her their back story

Doll: *telling doctor about snake being in love*

Chelsea:” I see you guys had it rough too, I ran away from home at a young age as my parents were trying to force me to marry my cousin and that’s when I meet Mio in an ally way and we’ve been together for 5 years now”

snake: “doctor”

Ngu notices Snake watching her, and notices the river leads close to him, goes under the water and swims up to be close to him.

Sebastian notices the clothing she was wearing, picks it up.

Sebastian: “ it seems she’s gone for a swim”

Ngu: comes up from under the water, her face right in front of Snake’s.

Ngu: “ hi~”

Snake: “hi “(snake hiss) “Emily says hi too”

Ngu: *smiles* “so you’re not running screaming to your co-workers mermaids are real!” *giggles slightly*

Snake: “why would I do that am not normal either. I have scales as skin and can talk to Snakes”

Ngu: “they’re cute *smiles* it makes you just as beautiful as a snake”

Snake: “you really think, no one’s ever said that to me before, they always saw me as a freak”

Ngu: *frowns* “well I guess if they saw this, they’d say the same about me” *pulls her body out so her mermaid tail becomes legs, her legs have mermaid like scales on them* “although I can become like a human, I still have scales”*smiles and kisses his cheek*

Snake: “will you join us in the circus, I like you already before getting to know you”

Ngu: *smiles* “it depends on how tomorrow goes… I’m with the guy who played with the tiger” *smiles* “but if not, I’ll come to visit okay?”

Snake: “ok I’d like that”

Beast: “Dagger I don’t like that new girl talking to Joker”

Ngu: *smiles* “I’ll see you tomorrow, Snake. Oh, and my name is Ngu by the way~ “ *dives back into the water and becomes a mermaid again, swims back to her clothing*

Mio: *looks at the two*

Dagger: “am sure nothing will go on”

Beast:” but did you not see it she was blushing around him”

Doll: *looks at Snake*” hey Snake, what are you doing over there?”

Snake: “watching a girl I meet there as something different about her”

Mio goes up to Beast and tugs on her clothing slightly

Doll: *gasps* “are you in love with someone!”

snake: “yeah at first sight”

Beast: “ah Mio”

Doll squeals and runs off to tell everyone

Mio: … *tears up slightly*

Dagger walks out the tent not wanting to get involved

 Beast: “sorry kid I don’t hate your sister I feel uneasy about her and Joker as I love him”

Mio: … *nods, understands what she means*

Mio: … *looks at Beast, saying if Beast wants to help her shower, she’s okay with it


Dagger: “Beast is going to get into trouble with that girl I don’t want to be involved (talks to himself) eh what is it Doll”

Beast: “want to shower with me now”


Mio: *nods*

Dagger: “wait what, are you sure”

Beast takes Mio to shower leaving Chelsea alone as the doctor was out for his lunch.

Doll: “he told me himself!”

Mio: *a little scared, but feels okay with showing Beast*

Ngu: *comes up at where her clothing is, see’s Ciel glaring at her* “um… hi?” *smiles*

Chelsea is still awake and wonders where everyone’s gone

Joker: *comes back in* “hey, think you can handle some food?”

Dagger: “well congrats to him. Now for me to get Beast to be my girlfriend”

Chelsea: “food sure I can give it a try”

Doll: *smiles and hugs him*

Beast: (batheing with mio)

Mio: *still trying to hide her scar*

Ciel: “hurry up where going to the house then where back here tomorrow”

Ngu: “finee… sorry but I can’t go into the bath for long in your house because of the prince”.*gets out of the water*

Chelsea: “eh!!! What’s going on I heard shouts”

Dagger: “That was Beast getting angry with the guy dressed in black”

Ngu: “hey~ your hairs weird~”  *giggles at dagger

Dagger: “how’s it weird I dye it like any other person would”

Chelsea looks around again hoping to see Joker as she wanted to thank him

Ciel: “where’s Sebastian”

Ngu:  it looks weird~”

Chelsea: “I think your hair is pretty miss, mines horrible I live on the streets (coughs)

Dagger: “here drink this miss”

Dagger gives Chelsea a glass of water

Ngu: “can we gooo now…”

Ciel: “no not without Sebastian”

Sebastian: “I’m fine” *smiles*

Ngu: “oh! Sorry to say, but most of your show was boring~ the only act that didn’t make me wanna sleep was the snake boy~!” *skips off to go to the carriage*

Chelsea: “show?  What is she talking about?”

Dagger: “what a rude girl”

Joker:”we’re a circus my dear~”

Chelsea: “really can I see you guys perform one day”

Ngu: *stretches as she arrives at the carriage, waits for Ciel and Sebastian* “aah… I wanna go back into the water… but with that stupid prince at that house, it’s impossible for me to even go in the water for too long. *frowns*

Snake watches the girl from afar

Dagger: “sir are you really going to let those three join”

Ngu: “mind… the snake boy was super cute”

Ciel: “Sebastian why did you put us down to work for them”

Sebastian: *smiles* “why else?”

Joker: “we’ll try them out tomorrow”

Ngu: *looks around* I spy water… and little brat will be a little while… *smirks and goes over to the water*

 Snake watches

Sebastian: *whispers* “so we can learn more a lot easier”

Chelsea: “um what’s your name again” (looks at Joker) “I wanted to thank you for earlier”

Ngu: *strips off and dives in, comes back up after a few minutes, hair is much longer and slightly brighter* “yay~ I missed being in the water~”

Joker: “Joker~! This is Dagger, and over there is Doctor~!” *smiles*

Chelsea: “thank you for helping me I wouldn’t be alive now without you all”

Ciel: “look if this is part of the job let’s get it done with”

Joker: “we’re taking you in miss”*smiles*

Snake: “mermaid?”

Sebastian: *smiles and nods* “but first… perhaps we should find out where Miss Ngu ran off to”

Ngu hums a song to herself, and enjoys the water.

Chelsea: “ehhhh really no one’s ever done this for us thank you, is there any way for us to pay you back”

Joker: “you can help out when you feel better!” *smiles* “at least a week after you feel better though! i don’t want you getting ill again!”

Snake still watches Ngu

Ciel: “Fine let’s look for her”

Sebastian: ”I think near water would be the most likely location”

Chelsea: “sure we’ll do our best (coughs) I like your outfit Joker”

Joker: *Smiles* “now lie down and rest”

Ciel: “yeah let’s check the lake near the carriage”

Sebastian nods

Chelsea lies down as Joker says

Chelsea: “hope I get better soon so I can pay you back for your kindness”

Joker: “don’t worry” *smiles*

Beast: “want to bathe alone, or do you want to wait for Chelsea”

Mio holds up2 fingers

Beast: “ok we’ll wait till Chelsea is better ok, so how about new clothe for you to start off with”

Mio shakes her head

Beast: “I’ll get you some food then”

Beast walks off to get food

Dagger: “so you wanting to see you sister”

Mio: … *nods*

Dagger: ok follow me

Dagger takes Mio to see Chelsea. Mio stays a distance from dagger but follows.

Doctor: “Hey Dagger you here to get your legs checked”

Dagger: “No I brought Mio to see Chelsea”

Mio: *goes to Chelsea*

Doctor: “Mio your sister has Pneumonia so she needs to rest for a few days”

Mio: *sits by Chelsea, being silent*

Snake watches from a far he was curious about the new guests.

Joker: “you watch them okay Doctor? I think it might be better if Mio stays close to her sister. I doubt she’ll disturb her rest”

Doctor:” I will do I’ll contact you if anything changes”

Joker goes off to do his work Dagger goes off too.

Else Where

Ngu is bored already, only here because Ciel asked her to tag along

 Ngu: “ciiiel… I’m bored”

Ciel: “where almost there hush up”

Ngu: “better be worth it…”

Ciel: “it will be, you might make friends”

Ngu: “why do I need friends?”

Ciel:”I don’t need them either besides I don’t know you that well so how would I know you want friends”

Ngu: “and says the person who keeps asking favourites of me~”

Ciel: “ok where here”

Ngu: *clings to Ciel* “I’m booored still”

Sebby opens the carriage door

Ciel: “why would you be, where here now”

Ngu: “because I’m bored”

 Ciel: “come on let’s go”

Ciel gets out the cartridge

Ciel: “I have a investigation to do here”

Ngu: “fine… but why do you need me”

Ciel: “to help find clues”

Ngu:” how…? I’m a mermaid… I work with water”

Ciel: (explains)

Ngu: “still…”

Everyone  goes in the tent

Ciel: “you’ll understand soon the show is about to start”

Ngu: *sighs

After show~

Ciel: “well that was boring”

Chelsea wakes up hearing people come in the tent as Sebby needed his head checked after being bitten by the tiger. Mio is asleep in the corner.

Ngu: “I told you”

Chelsea looks over at her sister and sits up she felt less dizzy and looks around to see what was going on.

Mio: *gives her a look of “sit down please”

Chelsea:  remains sat as Ciel and ngu walk in for Sebby

Dagger: “Oi your to stay in bed miss”

here is part 2

Joker:  “you passed out and we picked you up little one” *smiles*

Dagger: “your ill miss so don’t overdo it where getting a doctor for you”

Joker: “oh, and your little sister is safe too!” *smiles*

The Cream haired girl looks at them.

Chelsea:  “thank you (coughs) am glad she’s ok, she can’t really talk her name is Mio (coughs) we’ve both been living on the streets for a long time  and I’ve had this cold for a few days now”

 Chelsea felt dizzy again and rested her head on Jokers chest.

Chelsea: “Am feeling dizzy again”

Beast was starting to feel a little angry at the other girl.

Dagger: “so what is your name may we ask”

Joker helps Chelsea get comfortable while Mio pokes Beasts boobs slightly.

Chelsea: “It’s Chelsea”

Chelsea closes her brown eyes and falls asleep her breathing was still slow.

Joker:”I’ll keep an eye on her okay? Till we can get her to doctor. Beast, you take care of Mio” *smiles*

Beast looks at Mio

Beast: “you’re a curious one, having big boobs isn’t that great”

Mio: ?

Beast: “yeah I will do, we should get them new clothes, should we take them in Joker”

Beast hugs Mio close to her.

Joker: *smiles* “of course! Who are we to let people die on the streets!”

Dagger: “we know for ourselves what its like remember when Doll fell sick we stole medicine to make her well”

Joker: “yeah” *smiles*

Beast: “I guess Chelsea and Mio don’t steel like we did why else would Chelsea be this ill”

Dagger: “hey Mio how long has your big sis been ill”

Mio: …

Dagger: “that’s right you can’t talk ok hold up how many fingers of days she been ill for, we need to know so we can tell the doctor”

Mio: … *thinking back*

Mio: *holds up the right amount*

Beast: “wait 7 days”

Mio: *nods*

At the circus grounds the doctor is going thru some paper work

Joker: *carries Chelsea in* “doctor!”

Mio: *a little scared of being away from Chelsea and near a boy*

Joker: *explains everything to Doctor*

Snake watches as Dagger and Beast walk in with Mio.

Mio: *clinging to Beast*

Doctor: “I see”

 The doctor checks Chelsea over.

Doctor: “this girl has Pneumonia I need to keep her here till she recovers”

Joker nods and puts her down

Doctor injects Chelsea with some antibiotics

Doctor: “how your new arm I know it’s not as good as your last one”

Joker: “good” *smiles*

Dagger: “ah Beast can you bathe Mio she’s a girl I can’t do that”

Mio starts to shake in fear at the words

Beast: “sure, you’ll be fine dear just need to clean you up”

Doctor: “Joker I think we need to clean this girl up too some how”

Mio shakes her head

Joker: “I’ll ask Doll to help her”

Doctor: “good idea, with us being both men it will be very weird for us to bath her unless she was a girlfriend hm. right now we need to get her cleaned up all that dirt on her won’t be helping her get well and we need to get rid of these wet clothes”

Beast: “what if I bathe too”

Mio: *shakes head*

Joker pulls doll to one side and explains to her

this fic might not make too much scene but its done from a rp me and a friend have done over skype. it’s about circus finding two girls living on the streets, one can’t really talk and the other  is very ill. pairings to expect  Beast x Sebastian, Snake x Oc, Joker x Oc and Dagger x Oc. two of the ocs belong to my friend who are Ngu and Mio. only oc i own is Chelsea.

It was rain heavily a girl in raggy clothes holds up a newspaper above hers and another girls head to try and stay dry. The girl sneezes

A young girl looked at the other and hugged her

Chelsea: “I hope this rain stops soon”

The cream haired girl coughs she would cover her mouth but couldn’t while holding up the news paper to stop the wind blowing it away, A couple of kids run by in the rain talking about a circus coming to town

Mio: *wants to help*

The wind blows the newspaper out of Chelsea’s hand.

Chelsea: “Damn it lets find somewhere else fast”

 Chelsea gets up while helping the other girl up.

Mio: *clings to Chelsea*

Chelsea runs thru the street with Mio. A few horse’s and carriages was heading there way Chelsea’s eye sight was getting abit blurry. Chelsea falls on the ground fainting from the illness she caught.

 Mio jumps, and starts to shake Chelsea, worried. The carriage stops as the person controlling it spots the two girls. Mio shakes slightly, worried about Chelsea

Man: “get out the way I have to get these folks to the circus”

Dagger gets out of the carriage to see why they stopped

Dagger: “what’s going on here why did you stop?”

The man points to the girls, Mio shakes a little, trying to wake up Chelsea

Dagger: “This is a pain, Oi Beast, Joker what shall we do with these girls there blocking the way”

Chelsea breathing was pretty bad as she lay there out cold

Joker: *steps out and notices the two*  “ …we should take them in.”

Dagger: “But Joker what if there trouble”

Joker: “well you were”

Beast: “that girl looks very ill. Do what Joker says Dagger”

Dagger:  “whatever”

Dagger goes over to the girls and picks Chelsea up

Dagger: “so will you come with us we won’t hurt you”

Mio jumps, and starts to punch dagger’s leg, although she’s not strong enough to do any damage. Beast walks over to Chelsea and holds a hand out to her.

Beast: “he won’t hurt her we will get her help and she’ll be well again”

Mio: *looks at Beast*

Dagger: “that doesn’t hurt miss besides, we’ll get her help it appears your friend’s breathing is very slow so she needs help” 

Mio: … *pouts*

Beast: “so will you come with us, we used to live out on the streets too”

Mio: *holds out her hand*

Beast holds the girls hand and leads her to the horse carriage followed by Dagger who’s having to have Chelsea on his Knee

Dagger: “Joker this girl I don’t know if she going to make it”

Beast looks at Chelsea who’s breathing has become a lot more worse.

Joker: “well we’ll have to hurry to make sure she does”

Mio: *was gonna cry*

Beast Pulls Mio into a hug.

Beast:  “we’ll save her I promise”

Mio: *shivers slightly, a little cold*

Chelsea stops breathing

Dagger: “Joker what do I do, she’s stopped breathing”

Joker: *face palms, takes her off Dagger and does CPR*

Dagger: “why hadn’t I thought of that?”

Beast continues hugging Mio she had to control her jealousy right now as her crush was giving CPR to the other girl.

Mio: *just staring at Beast’s boobs*

A few seconds later Chelsea jolts awake gasping for air and coughing.

Joker: *smiles* there, there… *pulls off his jacket and puts it over her*

Chelsea: where am I, what happened, (coughs)

Part 2 will come later also we don’t know how to do there accents  for Joker and the others so it might sound a little werid


then vincent descends from heaven to give sebastian a high-five

Joker episode 2.