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I love Anime and Manga, I am a cosplayer and i love to draw :) my dream is to create my own manga series some day  am a big fan of Karneval, Pandora Hearts and Fushigi Yugi .

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hello my waifu

I’m glad to meet you ^3^/

couple of drawings i’ve done that i’ll be selling at anime attacks in october

please dont steel my art and claim it as your own this has happened once before -.- 


Yotaka: here we have it the mun cosplaying yogi with her best friend as Gareki on the ghost train, mun is about to head off to bed :/ and not long till am a boy again….


"You’re a bloke who wears dresses onstage?"


oh my god this scene int episode 4 is just fhjkdsnfkgfddf


She is so beautiful.

I’ve never met her before, but I feel so attracted to her.


Rei's awakening

sailor moon crystal | mars power make up


Favourite moment in Fushigi Yuugi - Miaka finds out.

"I didn’t want to acept that Korin died. I thought that by acting like a girl, she could still be with me."


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