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I love Anime and Manga, I am a cosplayer and i love to draw :) my dream is to create my own manga series some day  am a big fan of Karneval, Pandora Hearts and Fushigi Yugi .

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he’s not gonna die you guys

Kagiri and Yogi’s daughter Myuu have a baby girl named Ruby

at the bottom Ruby When shes older shes half Varuga :3

Last day - Rainsworth Week.
I would like to thank defeat-the-buttons
for organizing such a great event!


All cat owners have this silent conversation with their cats.

It’s like, NO CAT! I don’t want to feed you right now cat. I’m playing video games cat. I’m working on a project cat. I’m doing something but it’s not dealing with you right…fine okay we’ll do it your way.

Usagi Tsukino || Sailor Moon Crystal Ep. 01

i did this drawing a few weeks ago  


 (Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus) PV: Focus Joker

Sailor Moon Crystal Transformation


Kuroshitsuji ~Book of Circus Blu-ray&DVD CM #1 




 (Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus) PV: Focus Joker

Something I want to Point out about this picture i think there is a messege or a spoiler hidden behind  it i was talking to my friend and she can actually see the possibility of this happening

now look at the pic and you can agree with me or not it’s up too you, right
Yotaka’s wings are broken in the picture, i was thinking, could the broken wings also be a symbol for lost memory’s in tsubasa sakaru was seen with wing and those wings vanished causing her to lose all her memory’s and with tsubame she has yotaka on her back as she flies could say she’s trying to help yotaka get his wings back (as in his memories) 

 as in tsubasa everyone had to look for feathers and return them to sakura for her to get her memory’s back

so yeah this is just a guess but it seems possibly that the Yotaka in the new chapter could be the real Yotaka  but lost all his memory’s a bit like Yogi  did as a child and is now possibly slowly remembering them as seen in one chapter 

i had Michael J Taum to sign my Karneval Art Book at Sunnycon he said I was the first to get something Karneval related signed :)